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Krystalos By Rita Coll


From the turbulent origins of earth gemstones come to being as a gift of transcendent beauty from nature. Writings concerning their powers are found as early as the fourth millennium before Christ; Sumerian and Indian recounts are examples. Holistic implications are found in Sacred Scriptures. The twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve Apostles are represented by twelve precious stones. From the Greeks and Romans to the Renaissance to present times, gemstone’ powers of healing and protection are subject to study with profound consideration. 


Truth or myth, throughout millenniums the fascination and desire to possess gemstones and minerals, precious and semi-precious alike, are exercised in humans in unsurpassed intensity, much more than by any other primal matter.


From the series exploring the mysteries of the universe unfolds Krystalos, the name given to the installations conceptualized by Rita Coll. They are constructed using the knowledge accumulated from those ancient and modern studies, and the interaction between an individual and certain gemstones in the rough, positioned in certain ways, may affect his or her life positively.


Each installation is made of natural elements. Genuine gemstones are set on natural sand or natural crystal positioned in accordance to The Chakra Support System for specific outcomes, cleaned and handled following strict ritualistic instructions. The vessels are entirely hand blown crystal.


Krystalos was conceived as a challenge to prove the force of faith, believing in something that cannot be proved. As such, in this case the work of art can be appreciated for the value of its elements, for its resulting beauty, and for its possibilities of improving the life of its owner.


A chart is given to the person acquiring the installation showing the actual position of the stones and manipulation of the ground. It is intended as an interactive piece. The owner may change the installation if so desired to fulfill any other purpose for it as well as to express his or her artistic impulses.




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