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Rita Coll’s paintings are represented in several private collections in Puerto Rico, Florida, New York, California and Beijing, China

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Rita Coll’s jewelry pieces illustrated. 

Rita Coll as born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She lives and creates art in Miami, and Naples Florida. She works in series that concentrate in the different geo-graphical sites where she has had personal living experiences. Thus her work is also in a way an invigorating autobiographical account. Her most recent interest though has extended to celestial bodies and phenomena. She has also immersed herself into the study of crystals and semiprecious rocks and its holistic properties resulting in a series of interactive installations titled Krystallos.


Working in a borderline between expressionist abstraction and realism, Rita Coll reinterprets her memories of existing or imaginary places. Her mysterious renderings of landscapes and waterscapes entice the beholder to discover myriad of details that are revealed when exploring her paintings. Through infinite layers of pigments autumn landscapes, evocative Caribbean oceans, wild rivers, rain forests and now planets and wormholes are exposed in bold brushworks. Her profound love for all natural things takes her to even use natural pigments and solvents as tools for her trade. She sees her work as archival, the visual documentation of Nature before its eventual destruction by human intervention.


Viewing Rita Coll’s paintings and installations means entering into a never-ending exciting adventure of discovery. - Marta Gutierrez Curator



- University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR. B.A. in Education and Fine Arts.


- Instituto Valencia d’Arte, Valencia, Spain.


- Jewelry Art Institute, New York, N.Y. Degree in Design and Technique

One-Person Shows and Group Shows


2016 - Artisti Gallery ACQUA Solo Exhibition, Key Biscayne, Florida


2015 Artisti Gallery, Seeds Group Exhibition - Salute to Art Basel, Key Biscayne, Florida Artisti Gallery, A Sensory Experience Retrospective Exhibit, Key Biscayne, Florida Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library, Miami, Florida  


2011 - ARTE AMERICAS, Miami Beach, Florida / MIA ART FAIR, Miami Beach, Florida / ART PALM BEACH, West Palm Beach, Florida / CREMATA GALLERY, Solo Exhibition, Miami, Florida.


2010 - ART BEIJING, Beijing, China / OBRA GALLERY, San Juan, Puerto Rico / CIRCA ART FAIR, San Juan, Puerto Rico / GUTIERREZ FINE ARTS. “Figuration vs. Abstraction” November 2009- December 2010


2009 - KEY BISCAYNE PUBLIC LIBRARY, Solo Exhibition, Key Biscayne, Florida / ZEN VILLAGE, Solo Exhibition, Coconut Grove, Florida.


2006 - LOWE ART MUSEUM, Annual Beaux Art Festival. Coral Gables, Florida

2005 - PUERTO RICO FILM FESTIVAL, Solo Exhibition, Tower Theater, Miami. Florida /  FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL MASTERS ART SHOW, Miami, Florida


2004 - GALLERY VINCENT. “Nautically Yours”. Coconut Grove, Florida


1992-2004 - Designed and exhibited Hand-Made Art To Wear.


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