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"My time at Rita’s studio started with drawing lessons as I wanted to improve my portrait skills. Over the course of the first few weeks I found my ability improved significantly. When I took up painting several years ago I decided on watercolor so I would not have to deal with harsh chemicals and offensive odors. Rita introduced me to water based oil paints and encouraged me to give them a try. I painted several paintings, a self-portrait, landscapes and a couple of abstract paintings as well. I am grateful to Rita for her inspiration, guidance and patience. I feel a renewed enthusiasm and look forward to creating more and improved works in the future." - Danielle Mulloy - Entrepreneur


"Never before have I taken an art course that gave me so much in so little time. Technique fantastic! Very professional." - Julie Wife & Mother


"Very knowledgeable.  Allowed me to open myself and paint freely." 

- Jane Hollinger


"Excellent!  Excellent!  Excellent!" 

- Rose Faro Restaurateur- Italian Restaurant 


"For years I thought how beautiful it would be to be able to express myself through painting, drawing, shapes and colors. Life brought me a lot of stressful situations, which generated much soul searching. Then I met Rita Coll, a great human being and a talented artist. Thanks to her skillful ability to convey her vast knowledge and technique coupled with my genuine desire to succeed she was able to awaken my creative energy with her dedication and cheerfulness each encounter. Not only did she inspire me, but I began vibrating on every wavelength. With every stroke of my brush I fully embraced my passion for painting. To this day, I look forward to her next workshop. Always grateful." - Alcira Hernandez Entrepreneur   

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